Thursday, 8 December 2016

Shahid Kapoor's Sexy Shirtless Selifes are... EVERYTHING!

Not one for the douche-bag beard trend that's prevalent these days esp with gym-ing douches (ever been on tinder? yikes), but if anyone can convince us that a well trimmed beard is uber hot.. its Shahid Kapoor. Damn this man is beautiful and sexy as helllaaa.  Though he doesn't pose shirtless in magazine shoots (why god why not?!), his instagram account is one to stalk... I mean follow. The self love is a bit much but we are ETERNALLY grateful for it. he's so fit and inspiring that its a gym toned body and hard work pays off. again... can't get over how beautiful this man is.

gorgeous Indian men, shirtless, at the gym, only at SBM!

Ranveer Singh in Red Briefs.

No surprises here. The most talked about package/bulge on KWK, Ranveer Singh and his underwear scene in Befikre. Meh. cute. hot. but not... something. something's missing eh? Hot Indian men in their underwear, only at SBM!

Looking back at some of Ranveer Singh's more popular shirtless scenes, topless in Ram Leela.

Ranveer Singh in his first movie and latest body shot:

Ranveer Singh hits the gym:


Other shirtless shots from Befikre, where Ranveer Singh is... I guess mostly shirtless in the movie and appearing... nude-ish. yay.

Plus other random hot shots of sexy Ranveer Singh.