Saturday, 22 April 2017

Hot male dancer

so most desi guys who dance well come off a little... um... what's the polite word?... meh. but this one, despite having no-abs, is so hot man bun and all. cute. Cute Indian guys only at

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Harman Baweja was so hot on the poster

Priyanka Chopra's most famous ex? well, defo the most ab-tastic, hottie Harman Baweja. shame his career didn't take off like hers but he was cute. fit. and those abs.... hmm. Hot Indian men only at SBM:

Sanjay Dutt shirt open... with Aishwarya Rai

ok, so we are not a fan of homophobic Sanjay Dutt (see an archive of interviews where talks about wanting to beat up gay men) but there are fans of him around. this is from one of the earliest shoots gorgeous aishwarya rai did when she first stepped into the film industry. she looks gr8. him. meh. but we know there are sbm fans of his, so we're posting this pic for YOU! Bollywood men at

Hrithik Roshan kiss

Hrithik Roshan kiss... hmm... we dream about this. don't you?! Hot kisses only at

Ranveer Singh shirtless and doin' what he best...

Ranveer Singh shirtless and doin' what he best... we assume. we love this hot gif of sexy Ranveer. so cute. so hot. posted before. but a reminder that despite his criminal fashion sense (its nonsense that only the rich can afford, if they were poor, they'd be locked up!) Ranveer Singh is to be enjoyed visually without clothes on! cute. hot. Hot Indian men only at

Karan Singh Grover at the beach

Thanks to Bipasha Basu, we got a peak into the honeymoon of hers and sexy and gym fit Karan Singh Grover. Wish he was wearing speedos too with that rock hard bod of his. Meanwhile, would like to thank "Bollywood Insider" for sending us saucy notes and info - we can't print them as we'd be sued i'm sure. but we greatly appreciate it. much love. and much love to sexy shirtless pics of Karan Singh Grover too. do more hot shoots and less films! or at least wear less in films!! Hot Indian men only at

Just Good Friends

try not to see too much into the very m to m friendly pics but one sure can let imagination run riot. Just good friends. in Bollywood. Akshay Kumar with Saif Ali Khan, Ajay Devgan... etc. etc. hot indian men only at