Thursday, 31 December 2015

Model and actor in Underwear

Just like Arjun Rampal, sexy actor Rajneesh Duggal started off as an underwear model turned ok-actor. He so cute and we've all seen him strut in bikini briefs in that underwear ad of his on tv. hoping to find similar pics of sexy Arjun Rampal from his early 90s underwear modeling days. anyone have any?

Meanwhile, google Rajneesh Duggal underwear and find innumerable pics of him in his briefs. There are many underwear models but Rajneesh always had the flattest stomach and the cutest face. the others seem just ok by comparison.

we heart Rajeesh! the now married actor who did his stint at reality tv. hope to see more of him... wearing less. ;0)

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Here's that sexy video clip of him wearing briefs by the pool. no logic (wouldn't he wear a speedo? whatevs). so cute. so hot.

PS: how cute he looks kissing this gal. dreamy...

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Hot Indian Male Model Unzipped

anyone know the name of this hunk and who shot this sexy series?

Akshay Kumar's Thunder Thighs

why should just Sridevi have the term 'thunder thighs' associated with her? we are gaga for Akshay Kumar's thunder thighs! such a hottie. screengrab from Suhaag from the 90s. Akshay Kumar had the sexiest bikini dance in the history of Indian cinema in the film. if you haven't seen it - get it now! dvd. don't get the lame version. he's soooo hot in this movie. and in the same pair of blue speedos oddly. hmm. hot. so hot. anyhoo, here's a scene where akshay shows off his sexy legs. man was not shy of droppin' trou' for years in Bollywood. but now that he's married and a father of two... sigh... no more skin show or sexy scenes. oh well. it was great while it lasted. sexy pantless Bollywood hunks only at

Indian Model cum Actor in Black Speedos

Sooooo hot! Cute guy dancing around in black speedos? Doesn't happen much anymore since Akshay Kumar hung his pair up.

Thanks to a subscriber, we just heard of this cute guy Piyush Arya or could be Pyush Arya from the Kannada film Niroshi. Movie looks... bad. But scroll across to 47.00 and see him in red speedos and then dancing around in black speedos here

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Aditya Roy Kapoor topless

oh hello, we've gone and died in heaven. there are so few sexy, shirtless pics of Aditya Roy Kapoor - but whoaa he's been hiding this KICK ASS BODY! holy fk balls. we sincerely hope he poses topless a lot, lot more. he's classically handsome. chiseled and hot. we are falling for him allll over again. yes, yesss, yess! Sexy topless, shirtless shots of sexy Aditya Roy Kapoor only at

Buff Bollywood Uber Hunk

oh my g... sexy as hell Sahil Aurora is the one to watch. such a cutie. what an amazing body. not shy. and a great face - some guys who hit the gym too much end up looking a bit too gorilla-esque. but not this hunk. wow. he's beautiful. beautiful buff Indian guys only at

The Vest of Bollywood

varun dhawan and shahrukh khan and their hotness can't save dilwale. lord what a shiite film - just saw it regrettably after the fking amazing bajirao mastani. 

btw we have a strong feeling there were some super sexy shots of ranveer singh that were cut as the film got dragged into some bullshit controversy. the shot of ranveer having a bath in all his chocolatey goodness. holy fkballs. all the posturing and slow walking by srk in diwale put to shade.

love that ranveer seems to find the most low-rise dhotis too! be it in ram leela in ang lagaa le or in this hot bath shot. man is sexier cause of his raw freakin' talent. hot. and his bromances makes us dream a bit more about him. lolz.

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Indian Male Model in Speedos

face is fine but the body's amaaazing of this hot Indian male model at the beach in sexy black speedos. a full shot of a hunk in black speedos after aaaages. so cute. anyone know who this hottie is? and any more sexy snaps of him? do contact us. hot guys in speedos only at

Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor in a vest. meh. if the box office is anything to go by, is the audience getting bored of Ranbir Kapoor? has he overshot his load already with Barfi - or is there more to him? we do think he's a truly gifted actor but the sex appeal has dwindled down. he looks like any other desi in Mumbai. he was cut and chiseled in Saawariya - the rockin' abs in the towel song and of course that infamous butt shot - which still haven't found online or on screengrab. Ranbir Kapoor did a full butt shot that's somehow not been found online after all these years. anyhooos, here's hoping the talented mr kapoor shapes up - both in box-office and that bod. cute talented Indian guys only at

Indian Male Model in bulging briefs

hot models with beards have been a western trend that has happily moved into the east. So nowadays, we are seeing a lot of very hot guys with beards - once relegated purely to villain status in Bollywood - who are not shy of being super sexy. here's gorgeous Mayank Sehgal in bulging briefs, with those fantastic abs. we love hot Indian guys who are not shy of taking their top and pants off. hurray for hunks in India. only at

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Hot beard model in underwear

Prathamesh Maulingker is one hot hottie. hot Indian guys in beards with amazing bodies.. and the hot bulge and the hotness on the beach in briefs.... we can't even write this straight. lols. straight. anyhoos. sexy Indian male models in their underwear only at

Shahid Kapoor's Sexy Selfies

Marriage has not deterred this gorgeous man from posting sexy selfies. often topless, gloriously self-indulgent - by definition aren't all selfies?! - sexy Shasaaa ie Shahid Kapoor keeps it hot. fit. and tight. dayumm that body. heard his younger bro's about to hit the screen soon too. he's cute, great body and an amazeballs dancer. but he's just not that hot oddly. and the nose is a bit... cartoony. but cute. anyhoo, married and still hot Shahid Kapoor is clearly the hottie in the family. hot guys only at

John Abraham

anyone else been seriously missing the hotness that is John Abraham? esp his topless shots? i mean this guy used to pose in speedos and bikini briefs. was constantly topless in his biggest films and then... whooosh. he just disappeared off the screen. BUT SWEET LORD WHY?! thankfully, there's more of him in 2016. and if there's a god in heaven, he'll be doing more sexy shoots. hot Indian esp Bollywood guys only at

John's sexiest shoot in just a wrap, sexy body, sexy legs here

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Indian Male Models in Men's Health

hot spread. would have been hotter if these hunks were in trunks at the beach. gone are the gladrags speedo days. sadly. but, cute. hot. none of these are super models btw - do you know any of them by name immediately? like one would of milind soman or inder bajwa or the other inder?! anyhoo, cute guys at the beach topless. hot spreads only at

TV actor in underwear

sexy and fit Vishal Singh is never shy of taking his top off for the camera - or dropping trou'. bless him. some sexy pics of him found online. loving the bulge in the underwear shots. hot. cute. sexy Indian tv hunks only at

Friday, 18 December 2015

Naked Indian Male

there are some really hot, cute Indian guys droppin' trou' for a pic these days. how cute are these hunks and what amazing bodies. hot hot shots only at

Ashmit Patel

Ashmit Patel topless. such a hot guy. amazing body. not shy of taking it off. Ashmit Patel is too sexy. and from what we've heard, the boy gets around. bless. hotties only at